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As a consultant for many years, Joseph Eid has developed a special relationship with his clients allowing him in return to provide them with the best of services. Joseph Eid decided to have a career in life insurance after a painful car accident that took the life of his elder brother in 1987. He was convinced that if his late brother were married, the tragedy would have been amplified by the financial problem of supporting the family.

In 1992, after finishing his studies and beginning to recover from the tragedy, he met a friend who worked in a local insurance company. On his suggestion, Joseph Eid attended intensive training on all types of insurance except life insurance. After one year of field work, he was fortunate to be introduced to the biggest and longest serving life insurance company in Lebanon. It was then that his career really started and is still continuing now, after 25 years of uninterrupted and wide training sessions, full of challenges, interviews, accomplishments and merits.

Two milestones have really affected him. Mr. Eid remembers his manager telling him “you will become a real agent when you pay the first death claim”. This first milestone happened in 1996 and involved a very close friend of Mr. Eid as it allowed his friend's family the peace of mind needed in order for them to grief his loss; as everything was taken care of by the policy. The second milestone occurred in 2007 when he was qualified for the MDRT ‘Changing Lives’ conference held in Toronto.

Mission Statement My mission is to counsel Lebanese in seeking an independent and customized financial advice for their families, businesses and organizations. My goal is go beyond the clients expectations by providing them with a wholesome image all the way through. You're Rights as a Client!
  • Courteous Service
  • A Trustworthy and Competent Financial Advisor
  • Suitable Recommendations
  • Clear Communications
  • Strict Confidentiality
We Promise to:
  • Look for the Solution - Not Dwell on the Problem!
  • Look to the Future - Not Short Term Goals!
  • Work for the CLIENT - NOT the Product Provider!
  • Raise the Standard of Money Advice.
  • Provide Value for Money.