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College Saving Basics A parent’s dream is to see their child grow, be accepted and attend the best universities. Evidently that dream can only come true, if you as a parent have been planning and saving for the day when your child brings you the acceptance letter from the university of their dream. In order to do so and enjoy the moment to the fullest is by planning starting today.

As you know:

    - Children grow too fast
    - Colleges are too expensive
    - And the time for saving is now

Your child’s college tuition could be one of the largest expenditures you will ever make. And, if you have more than one child, the financial commitment is even greater. The financial challenge you face is shared by millions of others. Fortunately, families with a desire to save for future college expenses now have more options than ever before. New investment programs bring new opportunities, but they may make decisions more difficult for people who want the best education possible for the children in their lives.

Joseph Eid will help you gain a basic understanding of your options so that you can maximize the return on every dollar you set aside for a child’s future. Remember, even if your goal seems overwhelming now, the proper planning and saving can put the cost of any college within your reach.