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Variable Universal Life The variable universal life (VUL) insurance plans combine permanent life insurance protection with a flexible portfolio of investment options. These plans are customized to match your financial needs and are aligned with your risk tolerance. In order for you to opt for the best investment and coverage, contact Joseph Eid and he will guide you through each option.

How it works

Each payment you make is divided into an insurance premium, a small administration charge, and a deposit into the investment accounts of your choice, where your money grows tax-deferred.

When you choose a VUL plan, we will help you design an investment portfolio that suits your unique risk tolerance. You can choose to invest in interest-bearing accounts, or you can choose accounts that fluctuate with market performance.

VUL plans are optimal for people interested in highly flexibile payment structure, permanent insurance protection and a wide range of investment options for diversification of capital.

Due to the complexity of the VUL plan it is highly reccomended to have an advice from Joseph Eid in order to guide you.

Variable Universal Life Offers:

  • - Cash value that accumulates and can be accessed in times of need
  • - Flexible life insurance protection that can change with your needs over time
  • - Premium payments that can be tailored to suit your budget
  • - A choice of two life insurance benefit options
  • - Significant business benefits from insurance protection
  • - The ability to customize your coverage with a variety of policy riders.